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Keokuk parents have new high school option for kids next school year
by Wgem News


Posted: Sep 19, 2012 4:36 PM CDT

Parents of high school students in Keokuk now have another option next fall.

The Keokuk Christian Academy is opening its doors to high school students.

Right now, Keokuk Christian Academy has 72 students ranging from pre-K to 8th grade, but the school is ready to expand to all grades.

School officials say the Christian high school option hasn't been available in Keokuk in six years, and there's a real need for an alternative in the community.

"For those students who are looking for a second chance, a different type of learning environment. We are just hoping to meet a need in the community," said Keokuk Christian Academy administrator Adam Brumbaugh.

A need that Keokuk Christian Academy administrator Adam Brumbaugh hopes to meet when he opens a Christian high school in Keokuk next year.

Teacher Lori Longenecker is excited for the expansion.

"Over the years I have had a lot of kids mention it, a lot more parents are really concerned about having a high school to go to other than the public school," said Longenecker.

School officials said that portable classrooms will be added to house the additional high school students next year.

"The closest one is several miles away so if they had something closer they would send their kids there because they want to keep them in a Christian environment and try to keep them learning what they can that the public school offer in a Christian environment," said Longenecker.

Keokuk has not had a Christian alternative high school since Cardinal Stritch closed its doors in 2006 and Keokuk Christian hopes to fill that void, especially for the academy's current 8th graders.

"We're hoping now that they are like Oh we can continue on, I'll know these friends, I'll know these people. I'll know this routine. It is safe here. We've built relationships and we can continue that," said Brumbaugh.

School officials hope students currently attending public schools will consider transferring.

You can contact the school for enrollment information.



KEOKUK, IOWA -- The Keokuk Christian Academy has announced plans to expand their current school from a K - 8th grade program to a school that will include high school classes.

Adam Brumbaugh is the administrator at the academy and he said for the past three years, he and the board have focused on the current K - 8th school.

But he said they've decided to take the next step in the process and focus on opening a high school.

The plan is to have it ready for students for the beginning of the 2013 - 2014 school year.